PPA Petition $3,500 Freeroll #4

July 25th, 2009 | Posted in Current Events, Hot Topics, Making money, Misc, Poker, texas holdem, what if | Comments Off on PPA Petition $3,500 Freeroll #4

Today was the last of four PPA petition $3,500 freerolls at Full Tilt Poker. There was a full 30,000 ppl registered, everybody starting with 2000 chips and the top 5400 places paid. The following is notes I took during the breaks.

At first break (1:55pm), game play initially started out cautious, progress going slow but steady
I’ve got 3600 chips. largest stack is 14,990, avg 2150, smallest 5.
27,905 still in tournament. 2nd break in 1 hour.

Statistics for 22 Hands
Street	Saw	Saw/Total	
Flop	5	23%	
Turn	5	23%	
River	3	14%	
Showdown	2	9%	
Street	Won	Won/Saw	Won/Total	
Pre-flop	0	0%	0%	
Flop	0	0%	0%	
Turn	2	40%	9%	
River	1	33%	5%	
Showdown	2	100%	9%

at 2nd break (2:55pm), pace of eliminations has picked up a bit.
16,688 players left
stacks: largest 62,843, avg 3,595, smallest 2

I’ve had some ups and downs, still holding my own. Playing best I can but decided to do it slowly and let eliminations progress while I wait to decide on actions.

Statistics for 118 Hands
Street	Saw	Saw/Total	
Flop	36	31%	
Turn	26	22%	
River	21	18%	
Showdown	13	11%	
Street	Won	Won/Saw	Won/Total	
Pre-flop 2	2%	2%	
Flop	7	19%	6%	
Turn	5	19%	4%	
River	6	29%	5%	
Showdown 4	31%	3%

24 hands won so far.

At 3.24pm I was eliminated in 7,790th place after basically being eaten alive by the blinds while getting hands that simply weren’t playable (as watching after I folded proved true every time).

This may be the last of these freerolls but there’ still plenty more coming and I’m planning to play in as many of them as I can. Coming up on August 1st is another big freeroll tournament on PokerStars and I’m already registered in that one also.

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