PokerStars PPA National Poker Week 10K Freeroll Results

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Y’know, one of these days real soon I need to get around to posting about things the same day that they happen. That old saw about old news and all. Anyway, several days ago in the middle of last week I discovered that PokerStars had a 10K Freeroll for National Poker Week and that it was still open for registration and so obviously I signed up for it right away.

It started Saturday with 19044 players registered. I had planned to make notes about the game as it went however the pace was just a bit too fast to allow for that. Perhaps next time play is that quick I’ll keep the camcorder close by and use it’s voice recorder function to dictate notes that I can use later.

Eliminations went at a very fast pace in this game, after the very first hand I was moved to new table and there were several more moves, a lot more than I’m used to, in the next ten minutes or so.

I have to admit also that I was definitely off my game also. I made several really bad calls that in retrospect I have to say were really pretty stupid. I mean this isn’t exactly the kind of poker playing that bankrolls that big mansion with solid gold walk in tubs! In each case I’d have been infinitely better off folding instead. Instead I foolishly pursued hands that just plain didn’t have a future.

After a while I did start to do a little better. Then I was dealt a pair of Kings, the flop came up K Q Q, The turn was another Ace and the river was another king. I figured that I was pretty well set with this full house and could double up and give my chip stack a much needed boost. One of the relatively few hands that could have beat it however turned up when my opponent turned out to have a pair of Aces where I had Kings.

As a result I finished in 15130th place, nearly 8,000 or so spots out of the money.

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