Full Tilt 10K National Poker Week Freeroll Results

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This post is a little more like what I’ve been aiming for since it’s about a tournament that happened earlier today. Although I really should have started writing it as soon as the tournament was over. I mean really, if I ever want to win enough to bankroll a mansion with solid gold bathroom faucets then I’m going to have to be a lot more diligent about not only improving my poker skills but plenty of other things as well.

This game started today at 1:30 Central time with 8424 players. The prize structure was set up to pay the top 1800 places starting at $1 with first place getting $1,000. Just making the final table would be pretty good since 9th place got $100.

When the first break came along I was distracted and so didn’t get started with taking notes until the second break. I don’t figure this means much of a loss since the breaks on Full Tilt are always set for 55 minutes after the hour and seating for this game started at 1:30.

At the 2nd break nearly half the field has been eliminated with about 4863 players were still in.

Statistics for 136 Hands
Street		Saw	Saw/Total	
Flop		13	10%	
Turn		8	6%	
River		6	4%	
Showdown	5	4%	
Street		Won	Won/Saw	Won/Total	
Pre-flop	2	1%	1%	
Flop		0	0%	0%	
Turn		0	0%	0%	
River		1	17%	1%	
Showdown	2	40%	1%

At this point I’m in 2427th place with 1090 chips.

The pace so far has been fast, cards haven’t been very good for me, winning only 5 hands out of 136. Winnings have been just barely enough to keep me ahead of the blinds which are currently at 60 / 120.

When they get to 120 / 240 a 25 chip ante will be added which will go up nearly as fast as the blinds do, making essential to win more hands with bigger pots in order to stay in long enough to cash.

As of 3rd break there’s 1274 players left. My stack is up to 4596 chips after a few much needed wining hands. Hopefully it’s enough to keep going for a while. With the blinds at 200 / 400 and an ante of 50, chips are starting to fly away a lot faster.

Statistics for 221 Hands
Street		Saw	Saw/Total	
Flop		20	9%	
Turn		15	7%	
River		12	5%	
Showdown	9	4%	
Street		Won	Won/Saw	Won/Total	
Pre-flop	2	1%	1%	
Flop		0	0%	0%	
Turn		0	0%	0%	
River		1	8%	0%	
Showdown	6	67%	3%

The pace of dropouts definitely picked up when the ante’s started. after this level the ante will be going up every time the blinds do. dropout pace is expected to increase proportionally.

I’ve definitely cashed for $1, If I can make it to 900th place it’ll be $2. Lag is actually helping for once, slow play allowing others to go out whle I’m waiting for stuff to happen.

At 4:29pm, just shy of 3 hours of play, I’m out in 845th place.

Statistics for 247 Hands  (final)
Street		Saw	Saw/Total	
Flop		22	9%	
Turn		16	6%	
River		13	5%	
Showdown	10	4%	
Street		Won	Won/Saw	Won/Total	
Pre-flop	2	1%	1%	
Flop		0	0%	0%	
Turn		0	0%	0%	
River		1	8%	0%	
Showdown	6	60%	2%

Clearly it’s not even close to a spectacular win in poker but it’s still the best I’ve done yet, not bad for the second time cashing in a Full Tilt game that pays real money. At this point I’m planning to continue building my real money bankroll on Full Tilt. Once it hits $20.00 or so I’ll slowly get started playing in micro stakes ring games and see if I can build it up higher from there.

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