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In last week’s post I said that another two contestants would be cut. As it turns out, they only cut one in spite of the fact that I and my wife both distinctly heard them say that there would be two more contestants cut and we’d be down to the final four. In fact, the program guide on our cable system said the same thing in the synopsis for this week’s show. Why things didn’t work out that way I don’t know.

In any event, the competition is getting tighter now that they’re down to six contestants. They started out this week with Ashlee Hewit singing “Cowboy Take Me Away“. Her overall performance was improved and she showed considerable emotion in her signing. However her lyrics were still difficult to understand which took a lot away from the song.

Next up was Gabe Garcia signing “Must Be Doing Something Right“. What can I say about Gabe? He nailed it. He remains not only the best male vocalist but here in our house we consider him to be the overall front runner, most likely to win.

Third was Coffey with “It’s Your Love“. He showed a lot of emotion, personality and charisma. You could tell easily that the song touched him on a deep level and meant a lot to him. Unfortunately his voice continues to make this “warbling” sound in his signing that we found hard to listen to. If he could only conquer that one thing, he could very well stand a chance to really go places. As it is, he is not among our picks for likely winners.

The fourth singer was Melissa Lawson with “My Baby Loves Me“. Her performance, like Gabe’s was dead on. Jeffery Steele and John Rich both said that she was somehow “over the top” or “overkill” in how she did the song but frankly, I don’t see it. Perhaps they just both had a bad day.

Laura and Sophie were up in the fifth slot with “Picture to Burn“. They really pulled it off good, sounded great and everything. The only hesitation where they are concerned is whether or not they’re mature enough to handle what they’re trying to get into. After their song, John Rich didn’t have any commentary on their song. Instead, he wanted to know why one of them had rolled her eyes at Jewel during last week’s show. The girl who did it (and she did, they showed the tape) said only that she hadn’t realized that she had done it until somebody had told her after the show.

The sixth and last performer was Shawn Mayer signing “Before You Cheat On Me“. Her performance was very much what she should have been doing earlier, plenty of emotion and feeling in her singing. The only downside was it was very hard to understand her lyrics. This lack of clear enunciation of song lyrics is something that’s hurt several contestants over the course of the show.

In the end, Laura and Sophie were eliminated tonight and I think it’s probably for the best. Give them a year or two to mature some more and they could well come back and win.

Given what happened last time, I’m not going to say anything about how many will be cut next week, I’ll just wait and see.

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