Aug 4 $250 United States Freeroll Results

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This tournament was very similar to the larger 20,000 and 30,000 player tournaments that I’ve been playing in lately except that it was like one of those bigger tournaments had been dosed with Stimerex ES or something because even though the number of players was sharply reduced with only 7,500 players starting, those that were playing were a pretty aggressive bunch. You couldn’t afford to make the slightest mistake because somebody was sure to spot it and jump on it big time.

This one paid the top 90 places starting at $.50 cents and going up to $25 for 1st place.

At the first break (I think it was about 25 minutes or so after it started), just over half of the field has been eliminated with 3608 remaining. At that point I was in 1574th place with 1315 chips (the tournament started everybody with 1,500 chips) which puts me about halfway between the short stack and the chip leader. This far I had won only 2 hands out of 55 played and lost 3 others. The only thing that kept my chip stack from being any lower was the fact that I’ve been getting a little better at spotting a no-win and folding before it gets too expensive.

Statistics for 55 Hands
Street	Saw	Saw/Total	
Flop		6	11%	
Turn		4	7%	
River		4	7%	
Showdown	1	2%	
Street		Won	Won/Saw	Won/Total	
Pre-flop	0	0%	0%	
Flop		0	0%	0%	
Turn		0	0%	0%	
River		2	50%	4%	
Showdown	0	0%	0%

Just a little bit shy of the second break I was eliminated in 797th place. Still quite a bit out of the money but not bad considering how tired I was getting in the last 45 minutes or so.

Statistics for 141 Hands
Street	Saw	Saw/Total	
Flop		27	19%	
Turn		20	14%	
River		17	12%	
Showdown	9	6%	
Street		Won	Won/Saw	Won/Total	
Pre-flop	4	3%	3%	
Flop		2	7%	1%	
Turn		2	10%	1%	
River		5	29%	4%	
Showdown	3	33%	2%

I think that next time I play in an afternoon tournament I’m going to sleep in ’till about 11:30 am or so to make sure I’m fresher and more wide awake for it.

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