Can You Still Make Money With AdWords?

August 13th, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, adwords, Keywords, Making money, Marketing, PayPerClick | Comments Off on Can You Still Make Money With AdWords?

Not very long ago it was ridiculously easy to earn money with AdWords. It didn’t take knowing a whole lot about Pay Per Click advertising. You set up ads for pennies, all you needed was to have just a little bit of cash to get started, and then you could just sit back and watch the money roll in.

Of course, like any simple, easy way to make money, especially one that doesn’t require you to put up a bunch of money to start up, it didn’t take long before everybody was getting in on the act, all wanting to make loads of easy money with AdWords. The problem is that the more people who got involved, the harder it was to make easy money with AdWords. The increase in competition drove up the prices of AdWords ads, and what once cost pennies now cost dollars.

People that didn’t watch their PPC advertising campaigns very carefully started losing money. This was a shock to many, who had come to depend on AdWords to make money easily. A lot of people who had been making lots of money gave up, saying that now it was impossible to make the profits that they were used to make with AdWords.

Those people were certainly right about one thing: it absolutely wasn’t nearly as easy to make money with AdWords anymore. But it;s not impossible. You just have to work smart instead of working hard. You can’t simply throw money at it and walk away expecting to make money with AdWords. If you know what you are doing, you can still be profitable with AdWords, regardless of your budget.

In order to make money with AdWords today is simple: you have to research your keywords and choose them carefully, you also need to put a little time and effort into designing your AdWords ads and landing pages.

If you choose the right keywords, you can ensure that you’re not facing too much competition and that will keep the ad prices down, while still choosing keywords that have enough traffic and are searched enough to drive people to your site. AdWords campaigns just take some more thought and effort (research) to make money with AdWords than it used to.

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