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A hundred dollars a day using Adsense. I consider this to be a reasonable goal, enough to take care of not only day to day living expenses but also make short work of eliminating debts. In my pursuit of this goal I’ve done all of the obvious things, starting with adding Adsense units to my blogs and of course I’ve also spent a fair amount of time doing keyword research in an effort to come up with as many keywords related to each website’s niche.

I then use as many of those keywords as possible not only in post titles, but in the posts themselves. I try to base a post around one keyword / phrase and then, to the extent possible while still creating a readable article that makes sense, I use as many semantically related keywords in the post as will fit sensibly.

The thing is, so far, all of my efforts haven’t payed off very much. I started Adsense back in Feb of 06. It took me until March of 2009 to reach the $100 payout for the first time. It’s now five months since that first payout and it’s beginning to look like I’ll hit payout point again in late September or early October if things continue at the current rate. This is a heck of a lot better than the first time but it still needs a serious improvement.

I figure that given the literally almost three thousand text pages that my adsense units are on and the fact that these pages have been getting much better traffic in the last year, I figure that there’s no reason why it should not be possible to earn a minimum of $100 per week with Adsense, yet it’s not happening.

I’ve read all kinds of Adsense strategy guides, Website promotion guides, traffic generation guides and more. Using some of the more sensible strategies has resulted in definite improvements in overall traffic levels in the last couple of years ( bearing in mind that I have a zero budget to work with for building links and traffic), yet even if I only had a minimally average clickthrough rate I’d be making ten times what I am.

One such strategy involved choosing a niche and doing enough keyword research to come up with a domain name, putting up a blog, posting ten or fifteen entries on that blog. Promoting it, building links, submitting to directories, Etc. And it’s then supposed to become a $5.00 a day Adsense machine. Once you get to that point you’re supposed to just go out and do twenty more just like it.

The problem that I see with this is that Google and other search engines like sites that get updated reasonably often, especially if it’s a blog. The whole reason the Google “loves blogs” the way the IM guru’s claim is that blogs normally get updated at least once or twice a week. The plan I just described had the would be webmaster doing ten to fifteen entries and then pretty much leaving it to sit, probably never to have another entry written.

A strategy like this *might* work for a little while, but there’s no way on Earth that it’ll last for the long term. Not only that but I think that changes made in Google’s algorithm since that article was written (assorted types of “google slap”) will preclude such inactive blogs from being more than a microscopic footnote. Seriously, if I get small numbers when I write fairly often and try to keep what I write SEO friendly, use relevant keywords, social bookmarking, twitter, directories Etc. then I doubt that such a hit and run tactic is ever going to really be worth doing.

About the only way that it could is if you had a way to drive tens of thousands of qualified leads to those splogs on a daily basis and I just don’t see that happening. In fact, if you know of a way to do that on a $0.00 budget, please do respond in the comments and I’ll be in touch.

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