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I think that it’s safe to say that information products are easily some of the best types to sell online. Information products can take the form of an ebook, a program, video, audio (podcasts) and more. Pretty much anything that’s educational, instructional or just plain informational qualifies as an information product.

The advantages of selling information products are obvious:

It takes very little time to create. You can be ready to sell a LOT quicker than if you’re developing a physical product.

You don’t have to deal with keeping inventory in stock or any of the hassles involved with shipping (or shipping fees!) because your customer will get it either by direct download or by email.

There’s very little startup costs involved.

The sales and delivery process can easily be automated

Here’s a few things to consider when developing an information product.

1. Target a well defined niche audience. You don’t need to sell to everybody. For example, you can make a lot more money teaching life insurance agents how to get more customers to buy $250,000 insurance policies than you can by trying to sell a general sales skills improvement ebook.

2. You want your information product to hit a problem that your target audience will do nearly ANYTHING to solve. The worse the problem, the more willing they are to pay for something that will show them how to fix it.

3. Don’t bore your customers. Your product will keep their attention longer if you spice up both the product and your sales pages by adding a bit of humor, drama or other elements of entertainment. Particularly when you can leave them wanting more. This not only helps with future sales to satisfied customers, it also keeps your refunds down and increases word of mouth advertising.

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