Get 15 Marketing Ebooks Free!

September 2nd, 2009 | Posted in Ebooks, Marketing | Comments Off on Get 15 Marketing Ebooks Free!

Some time back I posted that I was going to put together a package of marketing ebooks from the considerable collection that I’ve acquired over recent months. Well, what with one thing and another I’ve had a heck of a time getting it done, however I’ve managed to be free of the migraines long enough to sift through my rather large collection.

You can get the collection here at this link. It’s about 7 megabytes and contains 15 marketing related ebooks. Some of them are PDF files and others are executables (don’t worry, I made it a point to scan everything before including it)

In return for this completely free package of ebooks I am asking only for a permanent text link. Your link can be to the blog itself at or it can be a deep link to any post. You’ll find link code available below every post on the single post page for that entry.

I’m not even using an opt in form for this giveaway. Something I’m certain that IM guru’s will be quick to say that I’m stupid for not taking the opportunity to grow my opt-in list. More than likely I will use one on my next offer but I want this one to be an ultra no hassle giveaway.

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