Nashville Star July 21

July 21st, 2008 | Posted in Current Events, Hot Topics | 1 Comment

With five contestants remaining, this week is “Original Song Week”, where each artist had to perform an original song that they had written. This show also featured the three judges performing a medley of some of their own hits.

Coffey started things off with his song “Southern Man“. My wife and I agree that the song itself has plenty of potential and would do better if it were slowed down some because it was a bit difficult to follow. Once again his voice had it’s characteristic “warbling” sound in it. If he could lose that one effect, his voice and songwriting could carry him quite a way. As it is I doubt that he’s going to win.

Melissa Lawson was next with “Ready To Stand“. The song was the kind of thing that radio hits are made of. Her performance absolutely nailed it to the wall and was her best performance to date. You could easily tell that the story told in the song was very personal to her even if you didn’t see the video clip before she sang.

Gabe Garcia followed her with “Lost Weekend” I thought he was somewhat reminiscent of Garth Brooks and he was absolutely great. When it comes time to decide the winner it’s going to come down to a choice between Gabe and Melissa.

Ashlee Hewit was up fourth with “Mike’s Hard Lemonade“. Her lyrics were more understandable than before though there was still plenty that was hard to understand.

Shawn Mayer performed last with “I’m Not Looking Back“. You could have no doubt about the depth of feeling in her voice as she sang. Without a doubt this was her best performance yet.

In the end, Ashlee Hewit was eliminated tonight, leaving Gabe Garcia, Melissa Lawson, Shawn Mayer and Coffey to continue next week.

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One Response to “Nashville Star July 21”

  1. I am so impressed with Meliisa and Gabe. They are both great singers, and when it comes to the final countdown, I am crossing my fingers for Melissa. She has come so far since the beginning of this season, I am so proud of her accomplishment. Nashville Star is by far the best entertainment show on television today. Monday nights are my “don’t do anything but plant my hiney in front of Nashville Star”.