3 Basic Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

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It’s not exactly a new marketing tool anymore but there’s still a lot of potential income to be earned by the average blogger. Whether you’re writing about and selling a particular product which could be literally anything from bed wedges to hockey pucks to certified outer Mongolian knickknacks. You name it and there’s at least some potential market for it.

1. Writing articles

This is simply writing posts on your blog that are 500 to 2000 words long and are about a specific topic (deciding which topic is another matter entirely and will be different for every blogger) and at the end of it you have a “Resource Box” that contains links to a product or service that you provide or it could be an affiliate link to somebody else’s product or service.

You write quality articles on a regular basis and over time and with a bit of promotion your blog gains a readership and depending on how tight you focus on your primary target, it can become something of an authority site on that topic, which will bring more traffic from search engines… people who will read your articles and possibly click on your links.

Also, since a blog can quickly turn into a sizeable content site, it’s worth joining Adsense as well.

2. Writing Product Reviews.

This is where you’re writing review of products and services, usually within a particular niche. To make it work your reviews have to be honest ones where you give the pros and cons of the thing being reviewed. Along the way you can provide affiliate links to where the reader can purchase it.

The thing here is that if you’re good at it and get noticed by advertisers you can find yourself receiving requests to review a particular product. This often means you getting that product either free or at a discount so that you can review it on top of getting paid for the review.

Be honest with your readers though, if you’re doing a review somebody’s paying for then say something like “I’ve been asked to review such and such” and then do so. Good points, bad points, your true opinion warts and all. In the end your readers will trust you more for it and advertisers will know that you’re not just spinning a load of tripe.

3. Advertising.

Aside from Adsense, which automatically places ads on your site based on your content, there is also the possibility of selling advertising space in your sidebar or header. I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve seen that alongside their content was a stack of four to eight 125 x 125 banner spaces that were being sold at $25 or more per month.

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