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Something that a lot of bloggers and website owners in general is trying to get websites and other blogs to add links to them.

There’s all kinds of schemes that people will use to try to get those all important links because you can gain a lot of traffic when you get quality links from sites that are related to your sites’ niche and also have lots of readers.

Of course, new blogs and websites usually find it very difficult to gain those links because of how new they are and the fact that they haven’t enough readers or page rank to interest larger blogs & websites.

Then there’s the reciprocal “you link to me and I’ll link to you” arrangements that a lot of people get into. This is especially popular between blogs that are both in desperate need of links. However because of changes over the years in how Google and other search engines spot linking schemes, the value of reciprocal links is far less than what it used to be.

What feeds the search engines best these days is relevance. If your blog or website is focused mostly on losing weight and weight loss techniques or comparing diet pills and other weight loss aids then you’re going to be better off to try to get links from other sites that are in the same or related niche.

A link to a weight loss site from say, a site on dog breeding or car maintenance, will still have some value but not nearly as much as one coming from another health or weight loss related site.

While page rank is something that a lot of people still concern themselves with a lot, it’s not nearly as important as relevance. In addition to that, established sites with good page rank scores are going to be a lot LESS likely to link to newer sites until they’re established themselves.

The reason for this is that since thousands of blogs get started every day, few of them are operated by people who intend to become serious bloggers. Blogging regularly takes a level of commitment that most are either unwilling or unable to make. Established blogs are more likely to link to you no matter what your page rank is or how much traffic you’re getting if they see that you’re determined to writing quality content regularly.

It’s reasonable if you think about it, they don’t want to link to some blog that might not be around a month later. Not only is it a disservice to their readers, it’s a hassle to go back and remove your link later or keep checking to see if you’re still blogging or if your blog has gone a long time with no new posts.

Make it a part of your routine to write a post every single day if possible (or at least on some regular basis). If you’re using WordPress, you can also write posts ahead of time and set the date and time that they’re to be published. This way if there’s a time that you know you will not be able to post for a few days you can write a post for each day you’ll be gone and then WordPress will automatically publish them when the date and time you specify arrives. That way you can keep your blog fresh for your readers every day even while you’re away.

Also, if you’re writing away and find yourself writing several posts in one day that are not something time sensitive, you can either save one or more of them as a draft that you can come back to and publish in only a few seconds OR you can go ahead and schedule them for some future date.

The main thing is to keep producing good quality content on some kind of regular basis. Be it daily, weekly, every two days, whatever. Establish a routine and do your level best to stick to it.

Another thing about quality content is to pay attention to details like spelling, grammar and proper English. This can lend an additional air of professionalism that will go a long way toward convincing people that you’re a serious writer.

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