7 Ways To Get One Way Do Follow Links

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Getting one way “Do follow” links (links that do not have rel=”nofollow” set) are the gold that you’re seeking in your search engine marketing campaign. They’re what has webmasters working themselves like mad, keeping them so busy that they sometimes look like they’ve had a bit too much apidexin. Obviously, there’s better ways to lose weight than sweating yourself to death over links.

There’s quite a number of free blog sites, article directories and more that can help you build quality backlinks that will, over time, boost position in search engine results pages (SERPs). Here’s a list of some of the places where you can start building links.

Blog comments

This one’s pretty much a no-brainer. You spend time posting comments on blogs (ideally those that are at least partly relevant to the site or blog you’re building links to). The trick is to know if the links you’re leaving will be nofollow or not. The easiest way I know is to use the SearchStatus plugin for Firefox. SearchStatus can also show you the page rank and Alexa rankings for any site you visit.

It’s important to make sure that you leave intelligent, relevant comments that contribute to the post or any conversation going on in the comments. This will drastically increase your chances of having your comment approved.

Forum Signatures

Links in forum signatures don’t carry nearly as much weight in Google’s eyes but they are still links and will contribute something. The secret again is relevance. You should choose forums that are relevant to your niche and then all you need to do is post semi regularly with a link to your site in your signature.

Again, make sure that you’re not just posting one line “me too” posts. Better to actually take part in the discussion in some way. This will also have the effect of putting your links in proximity to relevant text.


WordPress is a free blog site that’s SEO friendly. Which means that if you set up a blog (or four) on WordPress.com and post in them at least once a week you can build links to your other sites by putting those links in the posts. If you remember to keep each link within a block of text that’s relevant to the anchor text you’re using and the site you’re linking to it will be one good source of relevant links.

Press releases

A Press release is an announcement that seeks to draw media attention to a specific event, product launch, sale or other public announcement and are a good way to grow your online presence. You can learn how to write a press release at sites like this WikiHow article. From all that I’ve read, search engines love press releases, they are by nature authoritative. The trick is coming up with an appropriate angle to write one from that works for your site or business


Squidoo lets you create a single, long page where you can post as many articles as you like. One caution however. It’s easy to post an excessive number of links to your site whcih isn’t a good idea because search engines could potentially penalize you for over linking.

Article Directories

Websites such as ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com that people go to for informational articles to use on their websites or blogs. These can be great for getting good quality do follow backlinks. It is theorized that they carry a fair amount of weight with the search engines and that using them can do a lot to improve your SEO efforts.


Blogger, like WordPress.com is a place where you can set up a blog and post quality content at least once a week or so. Place links to your site within of each article using your targeted keywords and surrounding those links with relevant text.

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