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You’ve just finished doing all the work of getting your website ready and online. You’re all set to start taking orders and making sales. The only problem is that nobody knows you’re out there and won’t come to your site because they don’t know it’s there. Obviously you need to get it listed in the main search engines before you’ll start getting traffic (and therefore sales).

The first thing to do is NOT to go to a paid search engine submission service! There’s no reason to pay somebody to do something that you can get done free.

Also, do NOT use the “Add Url” or “Suggest a site” links on Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever. That method does work but it also takes entirely too long. It’s much better to have their spiders find your site naturally through links that they find on their crawls. It takes a little bit of effort but in the end you can get crawled and indexed a heck of a lot faster. Set aside an hour or so where you get away from the TV, save that game, put away the ipods, cell phones and other things that can take your attention away and start writing.

Write an article about something relevant to your site

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just concentrate on being informative. Write about something that you know. Keep the article short, roughtly 300 to 600 words is good. When you write it, give some general information that somebody would post on their site. Remember, these articles will almost always end up as posts on other people’s blogs.

Do NOT try to sell your product or service in this article!

Keep in mind that the goal of this article is to gain valuable links back to your site, not to make sales. In fact, if you do try to make a sale in the article, most webmasters won’t touch the article at all if only because it puts you in competition with them on their site. The goal of writing articles is getting your articles posted on as many sites as possible with a link pointing back to yours.

At the end of the article include a resource box with a link to your site in it. It’s usually ok to promote your product or service in the resource box but you have to keep it short. Remember that the resource box is mainly for getting link going back to your website. The secondary purpose is to get people who read your article to click through to your website.

Submit your article to article directories

Once you’re article is ready, submit it to the major article directories. This will result in it being distributed on as many websites as possible. Some of the major article directories include EzineArticles, ArticleCity, and Isnare. Some services like Isnare will even distribute your article for you for a fee.

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