Sony’s “Crapware Free” PC

July 23rd, 2008 | Posted in Computers | Comments Off on Sony’s “Crapware Free” PC

Ed Bott’s blog on ZDnet has an interesting entry on it with the provocative title of “Sony’s amazing crapware-free PC“. In it he relates his experience with Sony’s new configure-to-order option called “Fresh Start”.

Available for CTO systems that ship with Windows Vista Business, it basically means a system that’s pre-configured with the OS, productivity software, firewall, anti-malware and very little else.

According to his review the computer he ordered was indeed “crapware free” but I can’t help agreeing with one of the people who commented saying that it could hardly be called crapware free if it included Windows Vista. My own thought is that if Sony wants to sell a pc that’s crapware free, then they should give serious consideration to shipping new PC’s with Linux as the OS

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