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September 23rd, 2009 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on By Any Other Name

Every once in a while I get stuck asking myself WHY something is called what it is. For example, my most recent bout of questioning is about netbooks. Specifically WHY are they called netbooks? The same goes for “notebooks” (when referring to computers that is). Seems to me that basically it’s nothing more than a laptop.

Oh, I suppose that a “netbook” might be considered a “Notebook” that’s configured or somehow optimized for use on the internet but really, I still don’t see much (if any) difference. All (or at least all that I’ve ever heard of) laptop computers these days are capable of Internet use. Most, if not all, come with network cards and many even include an ethernet port for using a hardline connection if that’s what’s available. For that matter, there’s even some that still come with dial up modems!

So what’s the reason for the different names? Marketing I’m sure. Give something a different name, throw in a couple of specialized (sorta) apps and you’ve got a whole new product in the eyes of the customer. Never mind the fact that it’s still just a laptop. It may be a bit smaller than a so-called “full feature” laptop but still, that’s all it is.

Ok, I’ll stop rambling, you get the idea.

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