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With this week Nashville Star is almost down to the end. They came into tonights episode with melissa lawson, Gabe Garcia, shawn mayer, and coffey still in the running.

Tonight, they each did one song and then halfway through the show the three that are going on to next week’s finale each did a second song.

shawn mayer was up first and it’s easy to see that she’s made a lot of progress in several ways. Her performances are more solid than ever. Understanding her lyrics is still frequently a problem but I think that with time she could conquer that.

Gabe Garcia was the second act up and he’s doing a lot better with the only thing that the judges have really talked to him about a lot which is getting the audience involved. He’s also starting to get really solid in this Garth Brooks kinda sound and general style of doing things on stage. That style seems to really suit him and I don’t doubt he’s going to go far with it.

The third act tonight was coffey with an overall good performance but the warble sound was still in his voice. I kinda think it’s supposed to be some kind of vibrato kind of effect but my wife and I both agree that it’s very hard to listen to. She looked up some of his Christian music on both YouTube and GodTube and honestly, he was much better in them. It may be that the Christian music is more his forte then country.

Fourth was melissa lawson, coming out strong and powerful in another excellent performance. We both agree that the final decision is going to probably come down to Melissa and Gabe, which is going to be a tough decision and probably a close vote. (speaking of which, I do wish they’d announce the vote totals when they’re doing the eliminations.)

At this point they began to announce, with all the artificially boosted suspense they could manage, the contestants that would be going on to next week.

shawn mayer was the first one announced to continue. Again her performance was great, really rocking difference from when we first saw her.

The second contestant chosen to continue next week was melissa lawson. Her second song was absolutely powerful and she totally nailed it.

At this point they were down to Gabe and Coffey. coffey was told that he was not going on to next week. Gabe Garcia then did his second song of the night and not only did he nail the song, he also nailed the audience involvement thing solidly. While he was on he owned the place.

At this point, even the ones that don’t continue in the competition will continue to be involved because the final four will all be going on tour across the USA. It’s also doubtless that all four of them have got some serious future potential. Regardless of who wins, I think we’re going to be hearing about all of them in years to come.

Next week, they’re down to three and if I have it right, they’ll be picking the winner

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