Official Word About Google And Keywords Meta Tag

September 24th, 2009 | Posted in SEO | Comments Off on Official Word About Google And Keywords Meta Tag

After literally years of debate on the issue, the question of whether or not Google pays any attention to the “keywords” meta tag has finally been answered. On their official blog as well as on Matt Cutts blog. That Google does NOT use the keywords meta tag in determining search results.

This means that if you’ve been listening to all the schemes out there that tell you you’re supposed to have X number of keywords in the keywords meta tag then you can relax, especially if you’re only optimizing for Google, because they don’t pay any attention to them.

Obviously there’s still the question of other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing, but at least the issue is finally settled as far as Google is concerned. It’s a good thing too because I’ve seen so many people yammering about keywords tags that it’s ridiculous. It’s not like the keywords tag is going to identify your site like some kind of search engine DNA testing or something.

I mean, it might have if people hadn’t figured out that search engines paid attention to that tag back when they all pretty much did and started spamming and stuffing the daylights out of it. However because of abuse like that and the fact that Google keeps saying how they’re all about relevance, that what REALLY matters is the text on the page. That’s right, don’t let anybody tell you different, content is and will probably always be king of search result determination factors.

Keywords ARE important, they simply belong within your content. If you write good, solid content that contains keywords and phrases that are related to your topic and the SERPs positions will pretty much take care of themselves. Rather than spending all that time worrying about keywords tags, you’d be infinitely better off working on building incoming links.

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