I Have The Power!

October 2nd, 2009 | Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on I Have The Power!

No, this isn’t the start of an 80’s cartoon. ;-P In a very real way I can truthfully say that I do have some power. You see, it wasn’t long ago that I signed up to be part of the AC Nielson “HomeScan” panel. They sent me the barcode scanner and everything. Now when I make a purchase, I scan the barcode on each item and enter the price and how many of that item I bought.

Each week I connect the scanner’s USB cable to my computer and upload the data. Between that and answering surveys I get to have an input on the marketing research that drives the retail industry. Everything from groceries to DVD’s, smokes, housewares.. heck, practically everything is affected by this data. In addition to that I collect points every time I do a weekly upload or complete a survey.

The points can eventually be redeemed for quite a variety of gifts. The only problem I can see is that the kind of thing I’d really like to redeem ’em for isn’t in the catalog right now and if it were it’d probably take 300,000 points to get it.

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