Offline Advertising

October 12th, 2009 | Posted in Advertising | Comments Off on Offline Advertising

In the grand quest to promote their websites, most marketers have either forgotten about or simply disregarded the idea of advertising their website offline. I’ll grant you that offline advertising isn’t the best option for every site, it’s one of the certified diamonds of the untapped gems of advertising.

It can be a very effective means to bring new customers and create invaluable “word of mouth” interest in your site. Offline advertising can range from tv & radio commercials, magazine and newspaper advertisements to something as simple as passing out flyers or doing a direct mail campaign sending out postcards. This can be especially effective if you include a discount coupon code. You could even make it a habit to leave a business card with your url on it everywhere you go. If you have any employees, they could help by also leaving business cards and / or flyers wherever they go.

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