BewWare Of Bloggging When REalLLy Tireded

July 31st, 2008 | Posted in Blogging | 2 Comments

It’s a good idea overall to make sure that you’re reasonably awake and at least somewhere close to having a right amount of rest. Blogging when a little tired or even very tired isn’t a problem… most of the time. However, trying to be with it enough to write somehting senns3eible and cohearint when yo’re really far4king tired is another thought intiresly…. That’s wyahen you sgart making all kinda omistakes and lose your abality to make much senase.

get realiy tirred and y’ure liavle to write near noneseeesna like this and do liek i’m gonna and post it anyeay

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2 Responses to “BewWare Of Bloggging When REalLLy Tireded”

  1. Yep, you were “far4king” tired when you wrote this all right. Snicker.

    Jazs last blog post..Hey Crater Face!

  2. […] to jump and prance. It was hilarious. I understand what he meant about not blogging when tired. A Tired Blogger can come up with almost anything. I have noticed that typing on the keyboard with long fingernails […]