Is It Too Late To Get In On Christmas Season Profits?

October 21st, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, Making money, Websites | Comments Off on Is It Too Late To Get In On Christmas Season Profits?

I was asked recently if it was too late to get in on the potential Christmas season profits selling online for this year and I’d have to say that the answer depends entirely on what kind of business you’re talking about. While it’s true that according to long standing tradition Christmas shopping doesn’t “officially” start until Black Friday, the day after thanksgiving, it’s also true that there’s a lot of people, the plan ahead crowd, already very busy watching out for “gifts for her“, “gifts for him”, scouring catalogs both online and offline for ideas and getting their shopping lists in order. Some of them are even well into the actual shopping itself.

On the other hand, it seems like there’s always more of the procrastinating crowd than anything else, the people who wait until the last possible minute to order something and still be able to expect it to arrive in time.

Given both there “official” shopping season is still a month off and the procrastinators add another two or three weeks to that, I’d say that yes, if you can do the needed research, build your site and get your advertising campaign rolling quickly then there’s definitely some money to be made. Naturally the faster you can do it the better your results will be.

The better thing to do is that once this Christmas season is over, start planning in January to be ready for next year. That way you can generate more sales from the people who will be planning and shopping ahead of time in addition to the procrastinators.

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