Nashville Star Finale

August 4th, 2008 | Posted in Current Events, Hot Topics | Comments Off on Nashville Star Finale

Tonight’s episode marks the end of the road for all but one of the group that’s so far been whittled down to Melissa Lawson, Gabe Garcia and Shawn Mayer.

The show started out with Billy Ray Cyrus doing “Achy Breaky Heart” where he was joined first by Gabe Garcia and then by Melissa Lawson and Shawn Mayer. After that, they got right down to business with Gabe Garcia doing the first performance of the night. As usual, he did just great and there really isn’t anything bad to be said about him.

The second contestant to perform was Melissa Lawson. She turned in her usual outstanding performance and absolutely owned the place while she was on.

Finally Shawn Mayer was up. She started out slow in her song and sounded better when she picked up the tempo a little way into it.

The first half of the show concluded with the first of two eliminations in which Shawn Mayer was cut. Confirming the belief that my wife and I have both had for some time that this was going to come down to Melissa and Gabe.

After the break they had Melissa and Gabe doing a duet of “best time of my life”, which I remember best from the last part of the movie “Dirty Dancing”. They were both great, turning in professional quality performances.

Melissa Lawson was next with “Gotta Be Something More“, followed by Gabe Garcia and “Gone Country“. Again, both were great and at this point choosing between them was not an easy task.

Finally they did the big suspense thing again, stringing out the announcement of the winner for as long as they could manage before revealing that Melissa Lawson has won and is now the next “Nashville Star

Here in our house, we agree that the right winner was picked. We also agree that this doesn’t take anything away from any of the other final four. There’s little doubt that they’re all going to be heard from again by a lot of people.

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