My Experience So Far With “Adsense Revenue Exposed”

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I first signed up for an Adsense account back in February of 2006. I quickly slapped some adsense code blocks on a bunch of website pages and a couple of blogs and then I sat back and waited for the clicks and dollars to flow in.

To say “they didn’t” would be something of an understatement. In fact after a while I got so disgusted with the whole thing that I removed the adsense from most of the places where I had put it and then moved on to other things.

A month or two after I pulled it, I decided to give adsense another try and re-added it to places where I had removed it. I spent some time trying to learn how to optimize a site for better adsense performance (I ran into a LOT of crap in the process!). Slowly, I started seeing some occasional clicks and was earning a very little bit every few days. Not much, I figured, but at least it’s something.

Long story short, it took me about 18 months from the time I created the adsense account until I reached the balance needed for my first payout. Things were going a little better by then, if only because in that time had a LOT more pages of content on the blogs with adsense which meant more opportunities for people to see an ad that suited them and click on it.

While things were better, it didn’t take me long to figure out that if things kept on the way they were going as of the first payout, then it would be another 18 months or so before I got my second payout. I kept writing in the blogs and trying to learn more about how to improve adsense performance but largely I got nowhere because of how much outright garbage people have written about the subject.

Then I got an ebook called “Adsense Revenue Exposed“. It was written in a clear, no nonsense way that explained, without a load of bullshit, how to improve adsense performance.

I started implementing what it taught and before long I started noticing an increase in my adsense clicks. This encouraged me enough that I took the next step and got the resell rights to the ebook. I figured that if it’s working for me, then it’s something I want to pass on to others who, like me, have been struggling with getting adsense to produce some actual cash.

My second adsense payout came six months after the first one. Thats a whole year or two thirds faster than the time it took for the first payout!

I’m not saying that this thing will explode your adsense earnings overnight, that would be an unreasonable, bullshit claim. I’m simply saying that if you implement what this ebook teaches and do so on a consistent basis, then you will more than likely see an improvement in your adsense earnings.

I’m not sitting here telling you that I’m about to retire on adsense. Heck, I’ve made a little over $200 on it in a couple of years. But that situation is improving and I believe that following the advise in this ebook is a good part of the reason why.

Besides, if I were one of those IM “guru” types, I’d be setting you up to pay some asinine amount like $197 for this thing and while it’s good, it’s not worth that much. It IS however, easily worth the $47.97 that most Internet Marketers are likely to charge for it. But I’m not even going to ask for that much.

Instead, the price I’m asking is a measly $17.97, that’s less than the cost of a tank of gas these days or ordering a few pizza’s for game day.

I’m not going to promise that I will always have the price set that low, but for the time being Adsense Revenue Exposed is only $17.97 and it’s going to stay at that price … for how long I can’t say. I have to warn you though, sooner or later I don’t doubt that assorted pressures (or maybe I’ll just come to my senses!) will end up forcing me to raise the price so the thing to do is get it now while it’s dirt cheap.

I strongly recommend that you get Adsense Revenue Exposed now while it’s still only $17.97!

One last thing. When you get this ebook, do yourself a favor and set aside an hour or so to go over it. Then start putting into practice the things that it teaches. It’s not going to do you any good if it sits forgotten somewhere on your hard drive. It is of no use if you don’t use it.

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