Make Money Online With Your Digital Camera

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If you’re an amateur photographer there’s a potential for turning your hobby into an extra source of income. Given the quality and detail possible in modern digital cameras and the availability of very sophisticated graphics editing software ranging from the expensive but powerful photoshop to the totally free yet equally powerful Gimp, there’s no reason why anyone who can take a good picture can’t make some money in the process. Here’s just a few ways you can take advantage of this work at home market.


One key to finding the money in digital photography can be as simple as finding where people are. Think of the places where crowds gather, places where people will often be interested in having a memorable photo taken. Just a few examples include concerts, competitions, parades (not just spectators, but those IN the parade) and of course, tourist attractions are just a few of the hotter markets for this kind of service. It can be literally as simple as bringing along your business cards and start shooting. Post the pictures on a website where people can browse the (visibly watermarked to prevent theft) pictures and buy un-watermarked copies of the ones they like.

Novelty Items

There’s a number of programs that allow you superimpose digital pictures onto practically anything. Use your skill with these programs to sell a wide variety of souvenirs to groups and companies.

Custom Greeting Cards

Similar to novelty products, you can find services and software that will allow you to create customized photo greeting cards. People love sending this type of cards to their families and friends as christmas cards, special announcements, and even as invitations. It will take some hard work to market your services to start with, but once people see your work and tell their friends & family about it orders will start coming in on their own.

There’s literally hundreds of different ways you can use a digital camera to earn money. The key is being creative and filling the needs of a hungry market. Once you find the niche that suits you best, roll out your marketing plan and continue building your business plan. If you do this right, you can turn a hobby into a steady income stream.

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