3 Reasons Why Viral Marketing Works

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Viral. The very word by itself has a seriously negative connotation, it brings to mind images of bilogical disease, unsightly stains on the glass tile in your bathroom and computer malware. Don’t be fooled by this because even though it has those negative connotations in terms of software and the physical world, in terms of marketing “viral” is something very much sought after by marketers.

Viral marketing refers to the “infectious” spread of something.most often by word of mouth, one of the most effective yet inexpensive marketing tools in the history of business. The success of things such as GMail and many multilevel marketing programs such as Amway were the result of viral marketing.

Three Reasons why it Works:

It’s free. It’s especially good for new startup businesses because it’s possible to quickly generate lots of interest in your product while keeping costs down at the same time. All that’s needed is a few good words seeded in the right places to get the ball rolling.

It works. Even on a massive scale. One good example is Hotmail. They offered a free e-mail service and attached a signature line at the bottom of every e-mail message promoting their free service. Every e-mail sent from a Hotmail account contained this message, thus it spread like a virus. Recipients saw the ad many of them signed up for their own Hotmail address.

The internet is perfect for viral marketing. Thanks to email, instant messenger clients online community forums and social networking, even contacting that long-lost ex to demand the return of your favorite music CD is rarely more than a few clicks away. The age of fast, convenient communication is the best possible environment for a marketing technique that is as dependent on human interaction as viral marketing is. Remember, people even talk to their friends when they’re not online.

Cautions on Going Viral:

Viral marketing is such a great technique because it’s extremely effective and so inexpensive as to be *almost* free. However, “going viral” can be a double edged sword. Just as positive words from peers and customers can positively affect the market’s perception of your company and it’s products, a bad rep can bring the whole thing toppling down around your ears. All it takes is one customer with a bad experience and the willingness to talk about it to spell doom for your company’s reputation.

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