America’s Got Talent 8-26-08

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I mentioned the other day that I was going to talk about the first night of the America’s Got Talent “top 40” and while it’s a tad late in coming, it’s here.

I’m sure that pretty much everybody knows about the show even if they don’t watch it. It’s one of those reality tv things. In this one, contestants from all over the US get to compete for the big prize which I understand is a million dollars and a shot to headline in Las Vegas.

The judges are David (The Hoff) Hasselhoff, Sharon Osborne and Piers Morgan. The host this time around is of all people, Jerry Springer. I don’t know why but that just struck me as a bit odd.

It’s getting late and there’s ten acts for this show so I’m going to just touch on each one lightly. If I watch enough to get into the “top 20” show and later, perhaps I’ll go into more detail when they’re down to fewer acts.

1. Extreme Dance FX Basically a modern take on clog dancing. It was a good performance and you can tell that they put a lot of work into it however I doubted that they’d go very far.

2. The James Gang. Described as HipHop with 1920’s music. There’s certainly some talent there but the act was way overdone. They should have stuck with the singing and dancing because the magic bits they put in didn’t work very well at all.

Sharon Osborne expressed it by saying “Less is more”. This I disagree with. “Less” is certainly NOT “More”. The very statement is an oxymoron. Had she said “Less is better” I would have agreed that, in the case of the James Gang, it was right.

3. Derrick Barry as Britney Spears What can I say here? A female impersonator doing a song and dance act that *looked* like “she” was lip-syncing. He had the look but I honestly can’t see a big market for that sort of thing.

4. Elite This kid was positively great. Her karate / fighting demonstration set to a pirate theme showed a lot of skill. Sharon called her the next Lara Croft.

5. Ronny B ??? HUH ??? I still don’t have any idea what he thought he was doing but it was weird to say the least. My wife thought he sounded like a chipmunk. The Hoff called him a singing ant and Sharon said he had an “absurd confidence”. All I can say is that he was absurd. I don’t remember what Piers had to say but it couldn’t have been good.

6. The Cadence They’re a talented 6 man drum act that worked to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. Reminiscent of the Blue Man Group without the makeup and weird instruments.

7. Jessica Price Finally a “normal” act. She had a good singing voice and could go quite a way if she could get over her shyness and build confidence. It looked to me like she was almost hiding behind the microphone.

8. Shimshi He did a card trick. It was good but not even enough of an A-game for the level of competition. It would have been better if he’d done a lot more.

9. DC Cowboys These guys are basically a dancing act. It started out with a few bars of that famous tune from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and then shifted into “Footloose”. It reminded me mostly of a bunch of guys doing a line dance. They’d need to improve their choreography and get in sync with each other.

10. Neal E. Boyd He came on singing “A Place for Us” from West Side Story. His powerful operatic voice easily wins him “Best In Show” as far as me and my wife are concerned. Piers Morgan accurately called him the Michael Phelps of this competition. All he needs to do is amp things up for his next performance and let out his inner Pavarotti. If he does, He stands a real chance of winning.


On the next show, which I’ll talk about tomorrow, they did the eliminations from this show. Ronny B, Shimshi, DC Cowboys, Derrick Barry were all cut based on votes by the viewers. The final cut was a choice made by the judges. They had The James Gang and Elite to choose from.

My wife and I agree that they made a mistake in sending Elite home. That kid brought her A-Game all the way and the James Gang blew it on at least two points. She may not have won but she certainly would have gone far.

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