November 10th, 2009 | Posted in Marketing, Misc, video | Comments Off on Overmarketing

I honestly believe that some things are “overmarketed”, meaning that there’s just entirely too much being said about something, well out of proportion to any real need in the marketplaces of the world. For one example when you see fat loss pills, slimming pills, metabolic enhancer pills, male enhancer pills, calm your nerves pills and every other kind of pill that’s supposed to improve your image in some way showing up in just about every media you can find then maybe it’s time for people to think twice about their need before they do something. If the need is actually genuine, then go for it, just make sure it is a real need and not an over inflated sense of self doubt.

Another example is makeup, specifically I’m talking about the “howto & style” section on YouTube. I often browse that category looking for software and video editing tutorials and it never ceases to amaze me how many videos there are about makeup, hair and fancy fingernail painting art.

That’s why this video is so blasted funny. I actually had to watch it three more times in order to see the whole thing without laughing too much. For that matter, I’ll probably watch it a couple more times once this post is published. (well, I need to make sure the post looks right don’t I?)

By the way, note that this is a parody, don’t go hating the girl for having fun with something.

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