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November 12th, 2009 | Posted in Blogging, Misc | Comments Off on Outrageous Claim Of The Week

It’s been a couple of days now so I don’t remember exactly where I saw it except that it was one of those sites that sells some over-hyped system that’s supposed to “auto blog” your way to riches by automatically creating, posting in and promoting blogs…. All for an insanely exorbitant price like $197 a month or some such nonsense.

On this page, the claim was made “I have close to 100 quality content WordPress blogs.”

Frankly, that claim has stuck under my skin ever since then. For one thing, it’s an absolute total bullshit claim. I have nine blogs including this one and there are times when some of them go a lot longer between postings than I’d like. I don’t even wanna think about a hundred blogs.

For a blog to be quality, it’s got to have real content, not just some third rate PLR or worse yet, scrapings from blogspot rss feeds, which are then “spun” by a program that can’t help but turn a third rate article into total crap. The result might score good in terms of word count, post frequency and keyword usages but I doubt seriously that it’s got any chance of being worth reading.

Even if you took enough human growth hormone to sprout an extra dozen sets of everything you need to blog with, there’s no way you could possibly have that many quality blogs… unless most of them had been allowed to go dormant after a certain point. Even then, I doubt it.

The point of this is, if you run into a page trying to sell you some “amazing” program and it contains the statement “I have close to 100 quality content WordPress blogs.” (or anything like it). My advice is to immediately leave the page and never return. Somebody’s trying to separate fools from their money. Keep your money and don’t be a fool.

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