Keywords And Adsense

January 31st, 2008 | Posted in Adsense, Keywords, SEO | Comments Off on Keywords And Adsense

One of the things that I’m learning about how to do things with Adsense is that the whole thing is context driven. The Adsense system parses the text on the page it’s installed on and returns advertisements that match keywords contained in the text. The whole idea is that it’s supposed to sorta understand what’s written and match the advertising to the content.

By using this system, there’s a better than average chance that the advertising will get clicks because it’s related at least a little bit to the text content. As an example, on the permalink page (hint for the un-initiated, if there’s other entries on the page, click the title of this one) for this entry, I’m fairly sure that the Adsense is going to be showing stuff that’s related to finding keywords and optimizing pages for Adsense. There’ll probably also be ads for assorted other Adsense related software and tools.

My next entry is going to be an experiment with an article about some topic that’s not related to Adsense and I expect the Adsense blocks to contain ads related to whatever it is.

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