America’s Got Talent 8-27-08

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In my last post I said that this would be covered the next day… Then I got busy and didn’t get it done until tonight. I’m Picking up after the eliminations were done for the previous show.

1. Beyond Belief Dance Co. They had a rocky start and picked it up later with a fairly complicated routine. “The Hoff” quipped that they “nailed it”. Sorry Hoff, they didn’t.

2. Paul Salos A 72 year old guy doing Sinatra at 40. Talk about nailing it, this guy absolutely had the chairman down solid. His rendition of “My Way” was spot on. He’ll go quite a way but in the end I doubt that an impersonation act is going to win. Now if he could do new stuff in Sinatra-esque style…. who knows?

3. Kazual They had a problem of not being on tune. Piers buzzed them early and commented that they should have stayed with what they knew worked. He’s heard them before and I haven’t but I’ll agree with Piers on this because they just didn’t quite have it together this time out.

4. ZooperStars A bunch of people in giant, cartoon like costumes dancing to “YMCA”. Piers was absolutely predictable when he buzzed them… They’re a uniquely American type of act and I doubt that most British humor would really get it. Piers certainly never will.

Somebody that looked like a stage tech was on stage with them and one of the characters in what looked like a snail costume ate him (not really of course, I shouldn’t have to say so but you know how it is today…). The snail *should* have belched for good measure. They’ve got a lot of potential for kid shows and I wouldn’t be surprised to find them on Saturday morning. However Sharon was right that they probably would have hard time doing a 90 min show in Vegas.

5. The Wright Kids Young kids doing a crossover from their normal Bluegrass to Pop. They had a slow start because of one singing solo at first when they sounded much better as a group.

6. Jonathan Arons He was a “Trombone Dancer”. His ‘bone sounded off in places and downright bad in others. The dance part of the act was good but not enough to carry him.

7. Daniel Jens Good singer and if he doesn’t win this he ought to try out for the next round of Nashville Star. I also agree with Sharon in that he needs to work on breathing control

8. Slippery Kittens They called it a Burlesque dance act but the dancing needed work and some timing improvements by several of them. The burlesque part really didn’t appear. In my opinion probably the best part of the act was that they used “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” for their music.

9. George The Giant A big deal was made about him taking risks in his act and risking his life on stage. He made reference to Houdini and completely failed to live up to that master’s standard as he was chained into a rig where he ended up becoming a human pinata.

10. Queen Emily She gets “Best in show” from our house hands down. Piers called her a superstar and I have no doubt that he’s right. She had the voice and confidence to own the stage. There certainly “Ain’t no mountain high enough” to stop her career.

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