Some Marketing Video Tips

November 17th, 2009 | Posted in Marketing | Comments Off on Some Marketing Video Tips

Having watched entirely too many marketing videos for my own good, there are at least a few tips I can give for making them even though I have not made any myself.

One of the biggest turn offs in my opinion is when somebody takes a bunch of slides and throws them into a video editor and then essentially narrates them. It’s a cheat and a bad one at that. When you tell somebody that there’s a video to watch, they expect a *video* not a narrated slide show.

Get on camera, show your face and speak directly TO the camera just like you’re speaking directly to a prospective customer. If you’ve got graphs and such to show, you can either use cutaway shots or picture in picture to show them, but always come back to the spokesperson in “face to face” mode.

Add a green screen to your studio. with just a little bit of learning how and some good lighting on the green screen and actor(s), you can have them appearing to be anywhere from orlando fl to the surface of the moon. This means that they can always be in whatever setting that’s best for presenting your product or information.

on a side note, I mentioned a while back that I’d have a video up here soon about how to set up a home studio. I’ve had some things get in the way of making it but I should have it up in a week or two.

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