I Admit It, I’m Fat

December 11th, 2009 | Posted in Misc, what if | Comments Off on I Admit It, I’m Fat

That’s right, tipping the scales at 355 the way I do I’m carrying around enough extra “me” that if it could all be removed at once you could sculpt it into a life size replica of a full grown man.

I’ve done the diet thing before and lost a lot of weight doing it. Several years ago I got down to 262, which was the lowest I’d been in a LONG time. My nosy-but-thinks-he’s-being-helpful neighbor is trying to convince me to get these weight loss pills that he’s been reading about. He’s even started forwarding some of the marketing emails he gets about ’em.

I can’t say right now which is worse, the fact that I am now getting more spam than ever thanks to Mr. Helpful, or that I’ve one again managed to blow a hole in my latest weight loss efforts.

To be fair though, I have looked into some of them and there are a few that look like they will actually do what they promise as long as you combine them with little things like eating healthy and a daily exercise program. I’m actually tempted to tell him that if he buy’s ’em I’ll try ’em. Wonder if he’ll go for that? *cackle*

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