An Unusual Niche

December 30th, 2009 | Posted in Misc, video | Comments Off on An Unusual Niche

In the last month or so I’ve been making a lot more videos. On my TinFoilChefDotCom YouTube channel I’ve been doing a Vlog, making a new video almost every day since Dec 2nd. in these videos’ I’m talking about an assortment of things from recipes to weight loss issues (particularly my own “fun adventure” in losing weight) along with whatever else is on my mind at the time.

The other day I was watching the latest video from SMP Films and had an idea for something funny. The SMP Films videos feature “Mr. Safety” who is called that because he takes a lot of time humorously showing how not to do things. He’s all about doing things right, having fall protection, eye protection, and all the right equipment for whatever you’re doing.

This particular video was a comedy piece with no other intent than to just be funny. He started out the video announcing that apparently he’s “disgusting” because he eats his cereal with water instead of milk as he pours a bowl of cereal adds water and starts to eat.

After seeing that I had a brilliant idea, spent about an hour editing some video and posted a little gem I called Mr Safety Explodes!, which shows how unwise it is to eat cereal with water.

Well, that video got over 800 views the first 24hours it was up! 300 of them within the first two hours.

With success like that I figured that I might have stumbled onto a slightly unusual niche. So I did another one today, featuring YouTube Gossip vlogger Michael Buckley of the popular “What the Buck” show in another bit called What the Buck Explodes!

After seven hours that second “Explodes!” video has been viewed all of nine times, one of which was me. So now I’m left wondering if I really did stumble onto a niche or is this just a one time flash in the pan thing.

I don’t know yet but I’m going to be making several more of them to find out.

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