New Niche May Not Be As Good As Expected

January 4th, 2010 | Posted in Current Events, Misc, video | Comments Off on New Niche May Not Be As Good As Expected

My recent posts about An Unusual Niche in YouTube videos might just have been a bit too optimistic. Of course, it is still way to early to tell for certain but given the results so far, I might spend some time looking for free insurance quotes to cover a good idea gone bad (why not? you can get insurance for everything else under the sun!).

Not that I think it’s gone bad yet, or is likely to be declared dead anytime soon. However it’s not looking very bright right now. The first explosion video really was (for me) a raging success but a big part of that success was the subject, Mr. Safety, being really cool about it and tweeting about it. That got me a lot of views quickly from his subscribers.

In the second, I detonated popular YouTube gossip vlogger Michael Buckley. As before I did this just because I thought it was funny. There was some positively fantastic comedic timing in one of his videos and I took shameless advantage of that. However if Mr. Buckley has noticed my efforts, he’s certainly not publicized it the way Mr. Safety did.

Then I detonated myself. Partly to show a test video I had made while learning how to do it and partly to show that I can take my own joke. That one is doing better than Mr. Buckley but nowhere near as good as Mr. Safety.

Looking at my views over the last 7 days you see the average daily views starting at a little over 200, then there’s a huge spike to just over a thousand, then back down to something over 320 or so. I’d say that this means the explosions, plus the fact that I’ve been doing at least one video per day since early December and have been gaining subscribers all that time means that one explosion pretty much was a “flash in the pan”, but I’m still seeing a steady increase in views.

I’m thinking that it shouldn’t be more than three or four months before I reach an average of a thousand views a day. From there I’m hoping that the rate of increase continues to climb.

Join the fun, subscribe to my YouTube channel and you’ll not only see what I do next (and yeah, you’ll be helping me out a bit if you subscribe but that’s cool, it *IS* FREE you know! ), you’ll be able to watch my progress as I go from a total nobody to a genuine YouTube personality.

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