No Matter How Much You Teach, Some Never Learn

January 6th, 2010 | Posted in Current Events, Misc | Comments Off on No Matter How Much You Teach, Some Never Learn

I’ve been trying to solve some problems with a laptop for quite a while now and have even figured out what steps I need to take next. Unfortunately, one of my more clueless neighbors has recently overheard me talking about the situation on the phone (I was speaking with a tech that’s got more than a few clues more than I do.).

Even though I saw it coming, it still managed to amaze me how clueless some well meaning people can be. I think it’s partly because they’re often willfully clueless, or at least that’s the way it seems. For example, having hear about my problem and overhearing me talking about testing the memory, he comes over that afternoon and tosses a stick of laptop memory on the table in front of me.

“There you go” he announced, “now you can check the memory in your laptop.” I looked at the memory he had brought over. It was very obviously not the right type. Asking him where he got it confirmed my suspicions. He’d removed it from an antique thinkpad that he still had stashed in his garage.

I then spent the next half hour explaining why that stick of memory wouldn’t work. It was a 72pin SIMM with 32megs of ram on it. Not only would the clock speed of a modern computer toast it the second power was applied, it just plain physically wouldn’t fit.

“So you can’t use it in your laptop. But at least you can use it to test your memory.”

I’m proud of myself. I didn’t hit him.

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