America’s Got Talent 9-9-08

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America’s Got Talent is now down to the top 20 acts. Last night they had half of them perform and tonight there will be the remaining ten acts. I believe they mentioned that Thursday they’re planning to have a half hour show that’s going to announce the top ten finalists which will battle it out for the top prize of one million dollars and having a show in Vegas.

Here’s the acts in the order they appeared:

1.) The Cadence Their routine was better and they seemed more coordinated. One of the judges (I’m tired so I forget which) said something about they could use more pyrotechnics.

2.) Queen Emily Regardless of how this thing turns out, she’s on her way to a major career. The lady has star written all over her. Her voice and presence is commanding and unforgettable.

3.) The Wright Kids They had a much stronger performance this time. They’re main thing is Bluegrass and last time they stepped out with a pop song and this time they went a little farther outside their comfort zone with “Rockin Robin” and really did a good job pulling it off.

4.) The James Gang A better, more “back to the basics” act. Peirs said that the vocals were “off” and the other judges agreed that there was something missing.

5.) Daniel Jens Another one getting out of the comfort zone. This time he didn’t use the guitar. It sounded to me like he had a problem with the sound system and he said as much to the judges. Peirs buzzed him out and said that if he had a choice of doing the music or re-enlisting that he should re-enlist. Hoff pointed out that one thing he’s got is heart, which comes out in his signing. Personally I think he’s got a lot of potential and if he doesn’t win this he should try out for the next season of Nashville Star.

6.) Zooperstars What can anyone say about them? They’d make a great kids show act with their zany screwups but I doubt that they have what it takes for a 90 min Vegas act. They got plenty of buzzers and I imagine that this is probably the end of the road for them.

7.) Neal E. Boyd If there’s anyone that Queen Emily needs to be concerned about, Neal E. Boyd is definitely it. He’s showing the range and power of his voice along with an emotional charge that’s guaranteed to fry all doubters.

8.) Jessica Price Again I have to say that she’s a good singer and she does seem to be improving but she’s got a long way to go before she’s ready to face Vegas. Her singing also still lacks emotion.

9.) Extreme Dance FX Their act was better and a lot more coordinated. Sharon called them a Contemporary River Dance which prompted my wife to say that she’d have liked to see them DO Riverdance. The Hoff suggested that they needed to add taps to their clogs because there wasn’t any hearing the clogs on the floor. They might need something there but I’m not sure if it’s taps.

10.) Paul Salos He’s another that had a technical difficulty in that he couldn’t hear the music through the monitors like he should have. Nonetheless, Sinatra fans are going to just love him. He’s got more than just the voice, there’s a lot of the chairman’s style in there too.

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