Another YouTube Angle: Tutorials

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In my quest to gain subscribers on my YouTube channel (click that link to subscribe to my Youtube channel) I’ve learned and tried to apply several tactics. Now I’m not operating under any illusions here, I know that YouTube’s partner program is essentially another side of Adsense and that it’ll take a while before it earns me enough to have a fancy mansion with outdoor fireplaces, multiple fancy cars and all that stuff. However it *IS* a path that can lead to financial independence if you put enough into it.

The key of course is building the subscriber base. This is the group of people that are going to be most likely to watch your videos and rate, favorite and comment on them. Also, having more subscribers means more exposure because there’s always those who will see your video and share it with others, embed it on their website or blog, and so on.

The number one clue that I figured out early on is to post regularly. Since early December I’ve been posting a new video almost every day. Because my channel is primarily a vlog, I’m wide open on the topic of those videos and can discuss serious things, funny and / or viral videos, whatever.

Number two is to have a good niche for your main topic. While you may well talk about anything, generally speaking you’ll have one main niche that you’ll keep coming back to in a lot of your videos. People interested in this niche are going to make up the majority of your subscribers.

Pick the wrong niche and you’ll sit there wondering if anybody even notices your videos at all, never mind watch them. Because I’m currently trying to lose 150 pounds, weight loss and my progress losing weight are my primary niche right now. However eventually when I reach my goal I’m going to be shifting the main focus to other things.

Another thing that people like is tutorials. They can be about almost any topic you can imagine. If you know how to do something, odds are good that it’s possible to make video tutorials showing others how to do it as well as tips, tricks, and variations.

One popular field of tutorials is, appropriately enough, video editing. Especially tutorials that show how to achieve some visual effect. Even if a particular effect has been done by dozens of people, it’s always possible that you can make a tutorial that shows an easier way to do something, or maybe you’ll just present it in an easier to understand way. Also, you can show how to do it with different software, equipment, tools, for less cost, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.

For example. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials that cover many different ways to achieve a teleporter or transporter effect. However one that I haven’t seen is how to do the Star Trek Original Series style Transporter Effect in Sony Vegas. So, last night I made one.

I fully expect this to be one of those videos that eventually has thousands of views because there’s always more people that want to learn how to do cool effects like this.

Sometime soon I’m going to do another one that shows how to create the “sparklies” part of the TOS transporter effect.

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