So What Do You Do Once You’re A Success?

January 13th, 2010 | Posted in Making money, Misc | Comments Off on So What Do You Do Once You’re A Success?

Ok, you’ve spent lots of time, energy and effort working your way to the top and after years of this you’ve made it. You’re on top of the world, a total success. You no longer have to fight and scratch for every inch of progress, you’ve arrived. What next?

There are many answers but I think the best one is to give back. Use those resources that you’ve finally got to do some good in the world and make a difference. An example of this is richard willich. He’s the CEO of a multi-million-dollar Florida-based company called MDI holdings.

His path took him from working in a steel mill to the war in Viet Nam. Obviously he’s had his ups and downs. However now, as CEO of a multi million dollar operation, he’s doing things to help make a difference. One example is last December 14 when MDI employees and the staff at at PVPV/Rawlings school planted thirty adult fruit-bearing Satsuma Orange trees, doubling what they had.

So when you get to the top, as well as along the way, remember where and what circumstances you came from and remember to give back, help someone else.

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