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January 17th, 2010 | Posted in Advertising, adwords, Keywords | Comments Off on Targeting Your Advertising

It’s sometimes amazing how much most people don’t appear to know when it comes to getting the most out of even the simplest promotional methods. For example, if you were setting up an Adsense campaign for a product whose main selling point is built around it being the best wrinkle cream available, would you even consider bidding on keywords like “mack truck”, “bowling”, “refrigerators” or “ham sandwiches”?

Of course you wouldn’t! (if you had any sense at least.) However in looking at some of the tags that people use on YouTube videos it’s a wonder that some of them get ANY good ratings at all considering they’re going to show up as related videos in so many different categories that it’s not funny, most of which have nothing at all to do with the video they’re trying to promote!

Using lots of tags *is* a good idea. The secret is that *all* of the tags you use on a video need to be somehow relevant to the video that you’re trying to promote. While I realize that not many YouTubers even know much, if anything, about keyword research, it’s pretty obvious that a video about how to make a cool intro has nothing to do with boobs, sex and the names of the dozen most popular YouTubers.

Another thing is that more is better, Up to a point, after which it becomes spam that does nothing but make the video show up in places where people will click on it expecting something other than what it really is. I’m no professional (well, not quite, I’m working on it!) but I’d say that the upper limit to the number of tags would be 20 to 25 IF they’re all relevant to the video being promoted. Also, a few minutes spend doing some keyword research can help a LOT.

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