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January 18th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on More Diet Advice

One of my neighbors, I call him “Mr. Helpful” (note, heavy sarcasm intended there), having discovered that I have started doing something about trying to lose the excess weight that I have been carrying around for years, has taken it upon himself to “help” me succeed. Today he presented me with some colon cleansing reviews.

At first I was ready to feed them to him. Especially after his last effort to help. However because I didn’t know anything about colon cleansing I decided to have a look at them. It turns out that it’s basically what I’d call a high powered enema. It’s purpose is to flush out the intestines and remove decaying matter that not only is long past the point of being able to provide nutrients but is actually a potential source of toxins.

Honestly, If I thought that he actually understood all the stuff he’s looking up I’d have to swat him for using this as a sneaky way to tell me that I’m full of it.

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