I’m Not The Local Search Expert, Really

January 20th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on I’m Not The Local Search Expert, Really

That’s what I keep trying to tell certain neighborhood people. Yeah it’s true that I’ve learned a fair amount about search engines, how they work and some of the better ways to find something you’re looking for in them and even a fair amount of how to SEO a website to improve it’s rankings in said search engines.

But when Brain Dead # 883,399,292,299 comes over and in the middle of an otherwise innocent conversation drops the question “can you help me find out more about eczema and what I can do about it?”, I was ready to throw him out and send his sorry arse to see his doctor or pharmacist.

Actually I was ready to do a good bit more than that, being the reasonably self controlled person that I am I didn’t. I just closed my eyes for a moment and it was kinda like the movie “Hackers” where you get flashes of pictures that represent what Dade Murphy is thinking when he sees Acid Burn after the “pool on the rooftop” incident. We’re talking serious mayhem here.

I don’t know, maybe I should just hold a one time only class in how to search the internet and then tell everyone there that they are never allowed to ask me search questions again.

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