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Tonight’s show was only a half hour long and was for the sole purpose of revealing the top ten. They did it in two groups of ten, one for Tuesday and one for Wednesday.

In Tuesday’s group, The Wright Kids were chosen over Zooperstars and then absolutely everybody was surprised to see Queen Emily and Neal E. Boyd both on stage at the same time and as it turned out the good folks at NBC were trying to amp up the suspense and surprise and then revealed that BOTH of them would be in the top ten.

Next up, in a move that had to be done because they’d already picked two winners in one pairing they had to pick two losers in another pairing, thus the James Gang and Extreme Dance FX both failed to make the top ten.

The fourth pair was Cadence and Paul Salos and as I expected, Paul Salos goes on to the top ten.

The fifth pair was Daniel Jens and Jessica Price, their fates to be decided by the judges. Hoff rattled on and on and on until he finally settled on Jessica Price. Sharon decided on Daniel Jens which meant that Peirs Morgan gets the tiebreaker vote and he insured that Jessica Price would join the top ten.

A seemingly endless commercial break later it was time for the ten from Wednesday to be cut down to five. They started with SickStep and Kaitlyn Maher. The four year old is obviously getting a lot of votes because of her very strong “Cute Factor” and she made the top ten. I doubt that she’ll go farther however because I find it hard to imagine a four year old being able to sustain a Vegas act. No doubt she’ll do it someday though because she does have talent and determination.

Then came Don Braswell who was picked over Tapping Dads. The Taubl Family came to the stage opposite Nuttin But Stringz and I knew the result before they announced it as Nuttin But Stringz got the nod to join the top ten. I had the same certainty when Eli Mattson was called opposite Sarah Lenore. Of course there was no doubt that he would get it and he did.

The last decision was left to the judges to decide between Joseph Hall and Jonathan Burkin. Peirs went first and chose the Elvis act. Sharon tripped over her words and managed to clarify that she was voting for the flaming batons. The final choice was left to Hoff as he once again rattled on and on and on until just about everybody was ready to hit him over the head with something. He FINALLY made his choice as the credits had already started to roll and Joseph Hall made the top ten as I thought he would.

Recapping, The top ten are; The Wright Kids, Queen Emily, Neal E. Boyd, Paul Salos, Kaitlyn Maher, Don Braswell, Nuttin But Stringz, Eli Mattson, Eli Mattson and Joseph Hall.

Of this group we expect the top five to include Queen Emily, Neal E. Boyd, , Nuttin But Stringz, Eli Mattson, and either Joseph Hall, Don Braswell, or Paul Salos.

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