A Thought About The Troll

February 12th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on A Thought About The Troll

It’s just been pointed out to me that in my last video and in the one a couple back from it, that I am consistently referring to the troll as “He” and now I find myself having to explain that I’m not being sexist about it (I also have to say that it’s a sad comment on our society that I have to explain it at all.)

Simply put, the reason that I’m portraying the troll as a guy is that the troll that I’m showcasing here is my own troll. Your troll is going to be whatever you are. In fact, even if you’re a person with a healthy weight, try this. Picture yourself at least 100 pounds overweight, wearing stuff that doesn’t even fit properly anymore and looking like you’ve been stuffed with patio cushions, almost always angry and sporting an incredibly bad attitude .

Then add to that heaping measures of gluttony, hatred for dieting or any “healthy habits”, greed, lust, laziness and the desire to order everybody around like they’re slaves while pretending that they secretly like being treated like crap.

Add in a lust for power that rivals Ghengis Kahn and you’ve got your troll. This is the part of you that you have to fight like crazy when you start an effort to lose weight or do something to change your lifestyle to a more healthy one. He / She / It absolutely hates stuff like that and will seek every opportunity to throw you under the bus and sabotage your efforts.

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