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You’ve got a blog, website or autoresponder and you’re stuck for content. This is a hideous problem because any effort to monetize a site is based on traffic. In order to get traffic you have to have a consistent flow of new content that is on topic and keyword rich for your particular niche. When your own creativity (or time) is in short supply, you might turn to Private Label Rights content.

What is it?

Private Label Rights (PLR) content is material that you can buy from article directories in the form of articles, eBooks, and short reports. You can (and really should) alter those articles to ensure that they’re unique and them use them on your blog, email auto responder, whatever.

PLR content is a good way to accomplish two things. 1) It’s a method to get fresh content on your site quickly. 2) The process of re-writing and editing PLR helps to stimulate the creative juices and enable you to write more articles of your own, perhaps basing some of them on a single PLR piece that you’ve taken time to edit.

Do I really have to edit it?

Technically no, you don’t. You’ve bought and paid for them and you have the right to use them as you see fit. However taking the time to rewrite them is well worthwhile and will not only help avoid taking a duplicate content hit from search engines but will also ensure that what you eventually post is uniquely yours, phrased in terms that you’re comfortable with and that sound natural coming from you.

Where do I get PLR content

There’s LOTS of sites where you can get PLR content. They’re easily found by using search phrases like “unique plr articles”, “Free unique plr articles”, “plr articles”, “plr content” in your favorite search engine. One site that I’ve looked at is Easy PLR. While I haven’t bought from them yet myself, the reviews I’ve seen about their stuff look Excellent.

Can I get PLR for my niche?

Unless your niche is REALLY unusual, weird or illegal I’m pretty sure that you can find PLR content that will either suit your needs right away or can certainly be edited to fit. That shouldn’t be a problem because like I said, you should edit it anyway to insure that it’s unique.

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