Caution Overboard?

February 17th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on Caution Overboard?

As if “Mr. Helpful” isn’t enough of a problem to deal with, there’s the local hypochondriac. You know the kind, they see something on the tube about some disease or disorder and next thing you know they’re saying that they’ve got it. You can’t ever mention anything about sickness around them because they’ll always “out sick” you with a laundry list of things they’re sure that they’ve got.

Well, I’m thinking that Mr. H. has them all beat. He’s after absolutely everybody in the neighborhood to get this eczema treatment. You see, not only has he convinced himself that he’s got it (he doesn’t), he’s also managed to convince himself that he’s spread it to everybody he’s been in contact with for the last couple of months.

What’s really frustrating about this guy is that once he’s gotten an idea like this in his head it can take weeks to find just the right way to talk him down and convince him that we’re not all gonna die of whatever it is this time.

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