One Too Many Fears

February 17th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on One Too Many Fears

Another of the local nutjobs has been making a lot of noise lately. This time it’s Mrs. idontwanttobeold. As you can guess by the name I’ve given her here, she’s deathly afraid of being “old”. Don’t get me wrong, she’s like most people in that she want’s to live as long as possible, she simply wants to do so in a state of eternal youth.

This is WAY more than just the normal desire to look as good as possible. Every time she sees anything about herself that in her mind indicates she’s “getting old”, she starts looking for some kind of anti aging product that will “cure” it for her. It was bad enough when she started sprouting the occasional gray hair… an event that has resulted in her constant use of hair coloring.

Now however things are getting really “fun” since she’s started showing things like crow’s feet and the occasional wrinkle. Now it’s time for facelift city, along with all kinds of “skin care” treatments that promise to smooth out those traitorous wrinkles.

I don’t even want to guess what she’s going to be like when she really does start to get “old”.

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