Better Him Than Me

February 17th, 2010 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on Better Him Than Me

Mr. Helpful is at it again. However this time I can relax because he is not after me (for once, I do seem to be one of his favorite victims).

This time the subject of his attentions (translation: poor hapless victim) is a middle aged guy down the block. This guy, I’ll call him “Kojak”, has been steadily progressing toward a state of total baldness. A fact that actually doesn’t bother him in the least. However apparently it bothers Mr. Helpful, who is now pestering the guy to try his idea of a hair loss treatment and frankly, I can’t blame Kojak for not wanting to partake of this “miracle cure”.

If this particular “cure” is anything like Mr. Helpful’s idea of a weight loss shake then Kojak could easily end up with severe chemical burns all over his head if he tries it. For that matter, it wouldn’t surprise me if it left him glowing in the dark.

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