America’s Got Talent: Top Five

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Wednesday night the top ten performed and the voting was opened. The results of that vote was on earlier this evening and I’ll include it at the end of this post. For now. Here’s the top ten acts and out pics for the top five (most of this part was written last night after the Wednesday show)

1.) Paul Salos He seemed to lack something in this performance. The energy seemed to be “off” somehow. This was not his “A” game.

2.) Kaitlyn Maher What can anybody say about a four year old singer that has cornered the market on cute? She’s good, confident, really outstanding for her age but I can’t see her doing a full Vegas production … Yet.

3.) Don Braswell He’s one of those that has improved as he went. Emotion was very prominent in his voice and the audience loved him.

4.) Jessica Price She’s also improved a lot. Her performance tonight really connected to her feelings and brought them out. Had she managed this sooner she’d have a lot better chance.

5.) Joseph Hall This guy’s got the audience appeal coming out of his ears. He would have been better off to use an actual known Elvis song though instead of the one he did. Showmanship is A+ for the full Elvis in Vegas style. Even if he doesn’t win he’ll end up in Vegas.

6.) Neal E. Boyd This guy who got started singing because a music teacher caught him imitating Pavarotti would have been better off to stick with a Pavarotti song. Instead, he took a chance on a song that started off too soft for his powerful voice. It was great once he kicked it into gear but at first everybody thought he was going to bomb.

7.) The Wright Kids They started out with the Jackson Five tune, “ABC”. I can’t say much about this thanks to Charter cable losing their feed partway into the song. Thanks Charter.

8.) Queen Emily By this time Charter’s signal was coming and going with performance that reminds me of trying to get an analog tv signal to work with only rabbit ears when you’re 120 miles from the tv station’s transmitter. Gee, Thanks again Charter.

9.) Nuttin Bug Stringz Amidst all the hash and mash going on with the crappiest signal I’ve seen on a tv in literally decades we were able to see most of this act and they were as usual, top notch.

10.) Eli Mattson What can I say except, he did it again. Sharon remarked something about Elton John watching because he was in Vegas that night and that if he got sick Mattson could be called in to sub for him. (not really clear with crappy signal though. Thanks again Charter. )

Our pics for the top 5 spots are: Neal E Boyd, Queen Emily, Nuttin But Stringz, Eli Mattson with the fifth spot going to either Joseph Hall, Jessica Price or Don Braswell.

The top five were announced tonight and they are:Nuttin But Stringz, Queen Emily, Neal E Boyd, Don Braswell and Eli Mattson.

Next week I’ll go over the top five and the results of that voting. In the meantime tomorrow I’m going to have a much more “on topic” item about Using Private Label Rights Content.

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