Sales Pitch Overkill

February 25th, 2010 | Posted in Ad Copy, Advertising, Design, Landing Page, Sales Pages, Websites | Comments Off on Sales Pitch Overkill

There’s something that I have seen internet marketers doing entirely too much of in their sales pages. It doesn’t matter what they’re selling, whether it’s an ebook, a marketing course, >custom hats, fireplace inserts, or car insurance, most of them seem to have the idea that their sales page needs to be nine miles long.

I’ve seen it so many times it isn’t funny. I’m searching for something, I click a search result and land on a sales page. That part is fine (as long as I’m actually looking for something I intend to buy). The part that isn’t fine is that when the page finishes loading it’s yet another one of those pages that’s so long you can start at the top and hit the “page down” key fifteen or twenty times before you get to the bottom.

Folks, this is overkill. It’s also a sales kill. If you cant give me the important information about your product that I need in order to make a decision in less than two strokes of the “page down” key, then you either have a lot to learn about how to sell or you have a crap “product” that needs all that extra sales push to convince somebody to buy something that they are just plain better off not spending money on.

Lighten up! Shave that sales page down! You don’t need the testimonials (that nobody with a brain believes anyway!). You don’t need the dozens of “bonuses” (that aren’t worth even a tenth of what you claim they are!).

What people need and want are clear facts and specifications about your product. Size, shape, color, make, model, brand, horsepower, ingredients, price, discount, Etc. If you can’t present that in less than two strokes of the “page down” key, you need to find a different line of work.

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